HIGHTOP - About Us

OUR GOAL is to grant our customers the convenience of storing your product with discretion and ease. Thanks to our patent pending "HIGHTOP ash & stash" functionality, you can now say goodbye to the conventional ways of extinguishing any lit smokable product. When extinguishing your cigar the conventional way using ashtrays, walls, shoes or lighters. The amber is pushed up into the lit cigar, keeping all the ashiness and burnt residue together with whats left over. 

So we designed our "HIGHTOP ash & stash" to completely get rid of the burnt residue and separate the waste created from extinguishing a cigar, and its storage compartment. What we created is a mechanism that instead of pushing the amber up into the cigar, it actually scrapes the amber and its residue completely off of the cigar to ash or extinguish it completely. That way, the only thing left is unburnt goodness for you to enjoy for the next time you feel like enjoying your cigar again. Except this time, it will feel like a brand new one!